Peace of Mind College Planning


Who are we?

We are college planning specialists. Our team consists of dozens of experts in the world of college preparation, student mentoring and college funding planning.

We are certified college planning professionals by the College Authority. 

What we do for you?

The college process is very involved.  From planning, to paperwork, to decisions, to the unknown, it is no easy task.  POM provides answers, guidance, knowledge, suggestions, and as the name POM states: Peace of Mind.

We are also the resource for parents who want to be coached on how to maximize financial aid and minimize their out of pocket costs.

When should I begin my college search & college planning?

At the latest the college search should begin in the student’s junior year of high school. College planning should have started when you got the “test results 17 years ago.” The closer your student is to going to college the more challenging it is for us. But that is why we are so good at what we do!

How to qualify even if you think you make too much money

College funding planning is NOT just about need-based aid. Many other planning strategies are available to drastically reduce your out of pocket costs. There are many legal ways to skin the college-funding beast. For example, cash flow strategies, merit-based aid strategies, student positioning strategies, appeal strategies, and more.


I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know and how easily mistakes can be made. The guidance and assistance was money well spent. I will use POM again when my youngest is applying down the road.

- Gary

The process was overwhelming. I’m sooo glad I had your help, plus the money I saved more than paid for your services and them some, Sincere Thank you.

- Ashley K.

Everyone that we spoke with at each phase of the process, was friendly, attentive and made us feel so much more relaxed than we probably should have been with college looming.

- Terry T.

My parents recently signed up for your services after attending a Free Workshop. They were hesitant at first, but when they received the advice on how to decrease their EFC on the FAFSA, they were very happy. Without the advice, they said that our EFC would have been much higher. They wished they would have known about The College Planning Network more than a year ago to make the changes that needed to be made a lot sooner. I have received my award letter from at least one college so far and our out-of-pocket costs through the college is actually lower than what the EFC was on the FAFSA! Thanks for saving my parents money!

- Courtney G.

Free College Funding Workshop

Our mission is to help your child attend the school of their dreams. 

You will find out the truth about scholarships, financial aid & student Loans.

  • send your child to a private college for less than a state school
  • reduce out-of-pocket college expenses and minimize debt
  • negotiate down the price of tuition
  • determine the difference between federal, state, and college money, and how to qualify for each.

The workshop is free but space is limited. RSVP to to receive the info.  


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